Monday, November 27, 2006

Funkbot 3000

Our newest episode "Blobtober" came out on Friday. I especially liked this one because I got to do something totally new on this episode. I got a chance to build a full-size robot costume that we put on Travis, the "renaissance man" animator that works on all the music videos. We shot some pictures of him in my costume and then ran it through some effects to get the look that we had in the music video sequence. The whole costume was built out of cardboard, tape and sharpie in just under 3 days. Here's a picture of an early develpment effects pass. Big thanks to Chris Staples and Don Devine for making our videos look so great.


Blogger CHoGrin said...

~Hey Alex! How is it going man! The robot looks awesome!

P.S. Feliz dia de los Muertos, Feliz Navidad, and Happy New Year!



~lil Joe~

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